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Mortgage brokers are the most important partner in ensuring that a realtor is successful. Your client’s ability to get a reliable, affordable loan will make or break a deal. As a dedicated mortgage brokerage, this is where ACB Mortgage Solutions can help you. We're a local independent business that is focused on providing elite service to our clients and community. Every client has an entire team that is focused on helping them to achieve their dreams and goals of homeownership, and we pride ourselves on our customer service and attentiveness to our clients.

We offer a variety of mortgage programs and products with competitive rates and flexible, hassle-free loan options for both residential and business clients.

This gives you the ability to give your buyers all of the options available for their specific needs to find their perfect solution. We can assist your buyers with their right to shop, making it easy and more efficient by exploring all of the options at one time, providing a one-stop-shop advantage. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Conventional Loans
  • JUMBO Loans
  • First-Time Home Buyer Programs
  • HomeOne Loans
  • FHA, VA, and USDA Loans
  • Renovation Loans
  • Rental Property Loans
  • Non-Warrantable Condos
  • Non-QM Programs
  • Fix-and-Flip Loans

We Love Tech

We have a positive and forward-thinking mindset for technology. We utilize the latest technology to speed up the traditionally painstaking process of securing a loan. We make those tools fully accessible to our clients and our partners to ensure fast, reliable delivery. Our industry-leading technology gives you real-time access to your loans for you and your buyers. With single-click access, you and your borrowers will be able to track progress and have transparency throughout the entire loan process.

Our online system and innovative partnerships will simplify the entire process, minimizing data entry, reducing time to close, hitting your contract dates, and getting your buyers to the closing table and into their dream home faster. We close most home loans in 21 days or less!

We offer instant funding at the closing table. No hang-ups. No delays. No waiting to get paid.

Because we don’t require a funding authorization number, the process is smooth and seamless for you and your buyers. We have instant funding available for all loans and no delays at the closing table. Funds are disbursed when the buyer signs the closing documents

Grow Your Business by Partnering With Us!

We monitor your past clients and let you know when they're in the market for a new purchase.

We can offer your services before they find another real estate agent, so you can build your business by retaining your clients, all at no cost to you.

Help Your Buyers Know What To Expect When Purchasing a Home

  • 1

    Step 1:

    Our online mortgage application makes it easy to apply online when it's most convenient for your buyers. But we pride ourselves on communication and service, too, so we'll gladly walk them through the entire process and answer any and every question that they may have.

  • 2

    Step 2:

    We'll get your buyers pre-approved for their loan. We'll pull their credit and review their income and assets via paystubs, W2s, 1040s, and bank statements. They'll save time by knowing how much loan they qualify for before beginning their home search! We also provide you with custom pre-approval letters for every offer you submit.

  • 3

    Step 3:

    We'll work with multiple lenders to find the best solution for your clients with the lowest monthly payment, including those available through our exclusive programs.

  • 4

    Step 4:

    Once you have an accepted offer, we'll guide and prepare your buyers for underwriting. We'll make sure all documentation is up to date, and the file is in order to save time and hassle when ready to officially submit the application to the lender.

  • 5

    Step 5:

    We’ll help your buyers set up a home appraisal, where their home is evaluated against comparable homes nearby to make sure they don’t overpay.

  • 6

    Step 6:

    We'll facilitate the entire process throughout underwriting, addressing any conditions and coordinating with all vested parties to acquire a Clear-to-Close, leading to the closing table when your buyers get the keys to their new dream home!

We Go the Extra Mile for Your Mortgage Solutions

Consider a Hassle-Free Partnership To Help Ensure Your Success

We can get your clients into their dream homes in 21 days or less. That’s the kind of speed we’ve become known for! That, and our smooth and easy process—one that gets you to the closing table quickly, impresses your buyers and increases referrals. It’s the kind of service you can expect from us with every home loan.

Here’s What Our Realtors Have To Say

“Clifford Bowyer at ACB Mortgage Solutions was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional, informative, creative and gave excellent customer service to both myself and the borrower. The loan process was smooth, transparent every step of the way and most importantly closed on time. I will be referring more clients to Clifford in the future knowing that my future clients will be handled exceptionally well.”

"The team at ACB Mortgage Solutions was phenomenal. They were involved in every step of the process for my buyer and made it seamless and stress-free. Clifford, Ashley, and Carl were on top of everything, were always responsive, detailed, and got things done.”

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