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    From your first home purchase to your last, and any refinance along the way, our goal is to work with you on all your home loan needs – now and moving forward down the road

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    We’ve built our business based on our extensive experience, partner relationships, and providing the best customer service.

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    Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a property investor, self-employed, have non-traditional income, a veteran, or high net worth, we can match you with the mortgage that makes the most sense for you.


About ACB Mortgage Solutions

Here at ACB Mortgage Solutions, we are a brokerage firm that is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for all of our clients. To accommodate the individual needs of our clients, we have established relationships with lenders that allow us to provide a wide array of products, investment tools, and some unique offerings. Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance, get equity on a property, renovate, build, or invest in a property, at ACB Mortgage Solutions, you can be sure that we will always work to find the right fit and the best deal for you while providing you with quality service and individual attention.

For our residential clients, we specialize in conventional loans, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo, and renovation loans. We also have some unique niche offerings to help our clients find the perfect solution for their specific circumstances.

For our business investor clients, we specialize in Non-QM, investor cash flow, alternative doc/no tax return, and commercial loan products that meet our clients’ diverse needs. We have solutions for rental properties, home restoration, new construction, fix and flip, and investor lines of credit.

We also offer a unique suite of Reverse Mortgage solutions to help our clients realize a more beneficial and secure retirement. With Reverse Mortgages, we're helping our clients by offering solutions that address real problems, achieve lifelong goals, establish an existing legacy, and bring stability to your retirement by providing homeowners with the cash flow you need well into your retirement years.

Utilizing the latest in technology, we are able to expedite our mortgage loan process and make useful tools more accessible to our clients.

We’re able to process loans with the most favorable terms, unbelievable speed, and high-touch efficiency. We also have the ability to bring multiple funding sources to our qualified clients, which allows us to build programs and offer solutions that traditional banks do not have access to. Whatever your home financing situation is, ACB Mortgage Solutions will match you with the loan product that is the perfect fit.

Meet the Team

Mortgage Loan Officers

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President and Senior Loan Officer

NMLS ID: 1472048
Licensed In: Massachusetts, New Hampshire

Clifford is a graduate of Bryant University and holds a Master of Business Administration from Babson College. He has been part of the financial services industry for over 20 years, initially with institutional investing worldwide and then as a mortgage loan officer. He has also spent time exploring the home restoration market and real estate investing. Pulling from the experiences of each, Clifford is passionate about helping individuals achieve their hopes and dreams of becoming homeowners.

With a wide variety of mortgage programs available, Clifford has dedicated himself to helping his clients, including residential borrowers and investors, find the financing that is right for them. With personal experience, integrity, honesty, and compassion, Clifford takes the time to understand the needs and desires of his customers and build relationships with mutual trust. He strives to take the stress away, answer all of your questions, and work diligently to make sure you have all of the information and resources you need to make your financing decisions with confidence.

Clifford is the founder and president of ACB Mortgage Solutions. He is also the published author of over 30 books in print, the proud father of his daughter, and coach of her softball team.

Languages: English

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Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS ID: 2120012
Licensed In: Massachusetts

Wonseok Park (aka Won) is an army veteran of the United States Armed Forces and currently a reservist (Captain). He was born and raised in South Korea and gained a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Business Administration as a minor at State University of New York at Albany. He also earned a Master's degree in Global Leadership at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has numerous experiences in real estate investing and wants to extend his knowledge, experience and career to help other people as a loan officer. Won loves meeting new people, connecting with each other, and finding out their needs and helping them. He always pursues professions, honesty, and genuineness. He is ready to help you and work diligently for your satisfaction, please ask him about the Conventional, VA, FHA, and any other loans that you are interested in today!

Your barns will be filled with plenty, and vats will be bursting with wine.

Languages: English, Korean

한국어 가능

Management Team

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Account Manager

Kim Blaney has seen and done it all when it comes to mortgages in her career, spanning over 25 years in the industry with a variety of organizations, both large and small. Primarily a Senior Mortgage Loan Processor, but also with vast experience helping to develop loan officers and working with them to achieve success. Kim endeavors to make everyone around her better. Here at ACB Mortgage Solutions, Kim will be working closely with loan officers and clients, where she strives to guarantee that our clients receive superb service and promises to help find the perfect solution for each and every scenario.

A man with a beard and mustache wearing blue shirt.

Mortgage Processing Manager

Carl is a graduate of Northeastern University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has over a decade of experience working with systems, identifying issues, testing problems, and working to identify solutions. Carl is extremely detail oriented and uses that and his experience to identify and work through issues with mortgage files to help make the submission to lenders and underwriters seamless. Carl is often working behind the scenes - whether it’s verifying the information in your file, ordering your appraisal, acquiring your insurance binder, or tirelessly working on your file with the underwriters - he is actively involved in every file submitted to a lender and works diligently on the behalf of all of our clients to help you achieve your mortgage solution.

Languages: English

A woman with long hair and brown eyes.

Account Manager

Ashley Jimenez is passionate outgoing, and goal oriented. Ashley loves to learn new things and help people in any way she can. Ashley is a graduate of Mass Bay in the field of early childhood education. Ashley also holds a certificate in Zumba fitness and has been dancing her whole life. Ashley has a beautiful family that means the world to her and loves to spend as much time with them as she can. Ashley’s clients mean everything to her as well and she strives to do everything she can to help them. Ashley will make sure your transition from start to finish is as enjoyable as possible. The end goal of helping people reach their dreams is the most rewarding moment for her.

Languages: English, Spanish

Kim Van Kramer NewHeadshot2023.jpg_1694633296

Marketing Manager

Kim is an award-winning graphic designer, photographer and author originally from Wisconsin. As a digital marketing expert by day and science fiction writer by night, Kim enjoys creating inspiring, compelling and authentic brand narratives. When not in front of a backlit device, she’s chilling with family, attending Comicon’s, taking pictures with her camera, painting or traveling. Kim is always interested in creating a world with more spacesuits, art or design (after being fueled by coffee of course).

Languages: English

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